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Glass Tech
What is COE?
Coefficient of Expansion (COE) Basically the scientifically measured rate in which glass expands and contracts in the heating processes.
Two glasses with considerably different COE s are said to be incompatible. (They expand and contract at different rates, and therefore create internal stresses in the glass) They cannot be fused together and should be kept in separate areas of the glass studio to prevent their accidentally becoming intermingled.
COE 90 and COE 96 should never be fired together.
There are exceptions to a lot of rules. But not this one.
How do I order glass?
There are several variables involved in buying and shipping glass. Different companies produce their sheet glass in varied sizes. We have tried to put the sheet dimensions of every sheet on the website and also have included the max. Shipping dimensions.
Bullseye glasses are normally one of two sizes, a –30 sheet is approx. 35 inches long by 20 inches in wide. These sheets are cut in half for shipment.
Bullseye –50 sheets are approx. 20 inches wide by 17 inches long. These sheets can be shipped whole or in half.
Spectrum Sheet glass is sold in 2 feet by 2 feet squares. These sheets must be cut in half for shipment.
Certain glasses are sold in sheets that are 2 feet wide by four feet long. These sheets are shipped in thirds 18 inches wide by 24 inches long.
Glasses ordered and shipped in wooden crates will not be cut.
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