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Home > Featured Items > Mega Minor Bench Burner - Part# NORMEGAM
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Product : Mega Minor Bench Burner - Part# NORMEGAM
Manufacturer : Nortel
This torch produces a hotter flame than the Minor, with a larger, wider flame pattern for the same pressure oxygen. The Mega Minor has great versatility. It has the ability to work soft glass and can also handle larger pieces. The flame can be adjusted way down for fine detail and stringer work. It also can be adjusted higher to work borosilicate. The Mega Minor makes better use of oxygen concentrators for hotter and larger flames than ever before!
Specs.: Surface mix, 7 port. Natural Gas and Oxygen or Propane and Oxygen (bottled or concentrator). Cleaning & Maintenance. Cleaning the tubes with a fine needle tool (included with the torch) is all that is required.
Use: For lampworking beads, small sculpture, marbles, from small up to 3 inches. Primarily for use with soft glass and some borosilicate. Runs well on a single concentrator, but will happily produce a larger, hotter flame with two concentrators.
Price :  $236.70
Quantity :   : 
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